Church Leadership in Belgium: Challenges on the Interplay Between Identity, Communication, and Leadership

Wim Vandewiele, PhD
Wim Vandewiele, PhDis a Belgian sociologist and a social and cultural anthropologist currently servicing as asassistant professor of the Faculty of Theology and Religious studies (KU Leuven). He is a member of the Research Unit Pastoral and Empirical Theology and holds the ‘Father Léon de Foere Chair’. Dr. Vandewiele is also a professor of sociology of religion at the International Institute Canon Triest  and is a Visiting Scholar in the Centre for Child Protection (Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome). He is also part-time staff member at Curando O.L.V. van 7 Weeën Ruiselede vzw, an institution for geriatric care, where he is responsible for the pastoral and ethical policy of the organization.