Center for Church Management Webinar Series


What Stones Are You Carrying After COVID?

Racism and the Church

Why Black Catholic History Matters: An Interview with Dr. Shannen Dee Williams, Creator of #BlackHistoryIsCatholicHistory
The Blind Shall See: Dismantling Institutional Racism - What Churches Can Learn from other Organizations

Diocesan Leadership Models From Around the Globe

Promoting Co-Responsible Governance in the Church in Australia in Response to the Sexual
Abuse Crisis
Leading from the Middle in the US Church: Parish Teams and Collaboration
The Leader in the Catholic Church in India – Quo Vadis? Exploring How Culture and Context Have Shaped Leadership Models and Models of Leadership
Church Leadership in Belgium: Challenges on the Interplay Between Identity, Communication, and Leadership

Money and the Church

Rebuilding the Way We Fund Our Mission
Latinx Catholic Financial Giving and Clergy Responses: The Impact of Relevant Stewardship Frames
COVID-19’s Impact on Parish Giving: New Benchmarks and What We Should Do in 2021

Changing the Organizational Culture of Your Parish